XRF Analyzer
        ElvaX Prospector
        ElvaX Mobile
        ElvaX Mini
        ElvaX Industrial
ElvaX Light SDD

    Trace Metal Analyzer
        PDV 6000

    Particle Counters
        PC 2200 (liquid)
        PC 2300 (liquid)
        HPC 600 (airborne)

     UV VIS Spectrofotometer
        Cintra Series

        Xplore AA
        Sens AA       
        Savant AA

    General Lab
        Chiller and Circulator
        DigiBlock Digester
        Rotary Evaporator
        Vacuum Pump
        Ball Mill
        Sieves Shaker
        Bar Spin
        Water Bath
        Fume Hood
        Lab Furniture

As a distributor of laboratory instruments on the Indonesia market, PT Graha Kartawidjaja commits itself to the supply the best quality of laboratory equipment. To provide a High Level of Service to your lab, we work together with worldwide partners like Elvatech, Modern Water, GBC, Labtech and Ortoalresa.

Elvatech Ltd. is an R&D enterprise based in Kiev, Ukraine. Since 1991 it has been engaged in scientific instrument-making specializing in design and manufacture of electronic, vacuum, and spectrometric equipment, automated data collection and processing systems, and analytical software. It's products are used in industrial, research and academic laboratories worldwide.

Modern Water is expert in the design, development and provision of analytical instruments for monitoring trace metals in water, soil, food and industrial process streams.
Our systems use solid state electrodes to perform voltammetry for the analysis of metals in solution.

GBC Scientific Equipment Pty Ltd commenced operations in 1978. GBC designs, manufactures and markets a range of scientific instruments. GBC is a major manufacturer of analytical instruments including the 5th Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS), 4th Generation Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES), 3rd Generation UV-Visible spectrophotometers, 2nd Generation ICP-oTOFMS, HPLC, XRD and Rheometer systems.

LabTech is a young manufacturing company with skill and passion, devoted to providing advanced laboratory solutions to the analytical community.
We are located in Sorisole, North Italy with facilities in USA and China.
Our current product range includes two main divisions: cooling solutions and laboratory equipments.

Orto Alresa was founded in Madrid (Spain) in 1949 as a local manufacture of laboratory equipment. Our effort , assurance and passion led us to be the dynamics and innovative company we are 62 years later. We export to more than 120 countries around world. Our products are present in bio-technical, research, environmental and industrial laboratories. These facts have made us to be one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

Spectrex Corporation was founded in 1966 in Palo Alto, California and now operates a manufacturing, sales and laboratory facility in Redwood City, California. Over the last 42 years the company has developed and markets a wide range of unique environmental and analytical instruments.


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