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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Sens AA

New AAS Design Incorporates Touch Screen Technology…

GBC Scientific Equipment introduces the latest Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, the SensAA. The SensAA is new in every aspect from the ground up - from its performance to its looks and functionality. It may be our low cost AAS but its performace exceeds many top of the range products in the marketplace.

By improving the optics and electronics design the wavelength has been extended (175 to 900 nm). The D2 range has also been extended (175 to 425 nm) thereby enabling more elements to be analyzed using D2 background correction. The slit width is now adjustable from 0.1 to 2.0 nm in 0.1 increments thus effectively allowing 20 slit width settings with normal slit height plus 20 slit width settings with reduced slit height.
The SensAA series sets new pre-requisites wth the new Hyper-Pulse Background Correction that allows for more accurate interpolation of "Transient Signals" such as GF signals. The new GCM (gas control module) is fully interlocked with the new fully integrated Spray chamber/liquid trap for added safety.
The heart of the SensAA is the patented Application Source which addresses new levels of performance, simplicity and cost savings in AA spectrometry.

The SensAA offers touch screen technology and true uncompromised multi-element analysis, returning the highest integrity in results at a fraction of the cost of traditional means. Designed around simplicity, users no longer need to change lamps when changing elements, enabling seamless operation. Application Source offers dramatic savings in source lamp costs and the high intensity D2 lamp offers unrivalled lifetime performance with enhanced operation of up to 1000 hours, even at full current.

The SensAA is supplied with an inbuilt P4 computer and touch screen technology. A large 15" colour screen allows clarity of use and also ease of inputting data and executing commands to the SensAA software. No more keyboards or mouse wires to get tangled with acidic sample solutions. Point and analyze! An inbuilt software keyboard is also available where text is required to be entered by using standard Windows® XP as the operating system then any Windows® software package can also be loaded into the SensAA further extending its fuctionality. As always GBC AAS accessories are interchangeable and can be used on the SensAA.

The SensAA has a smaller foot print than the 932 spectrometer it supersedes. Add to this space saving the fact that the computer is already included inside the SensAA and the result is significant bench spacing. You can have 2 SensAAs in the space where 1 AAS and computer would sit.

A retractable sample holder has also been included free of charge.

The SensAA - Sensitive to the Touch, Sensitive to Your Environment, Sensitive to Your Analysis

Download brochure (PDF, 18,852 kB)


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